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About Fall Line Farms

Fall Line Farms is Richmond’s first online farmers market that connects the community to fresh, healthy food direct from the farm. This is real food, grown in soil, not in a factory and is produced by local farmers and businesses with direct ties to the community. With one order, one payment and one pick up, you can order food directly from over 50 family owned farms and businesses in Virginia. There is no minimum order and you are not required to order each week.
From the convenience of your own home, shop with us any time between noon on Fridays to Mondays midnight. Pick up your order at one of our Richmond area locations on Thursday afternoons between 3:00 to 6:00 pm.

Producer of the Week: Good Health Herbs

Good Health Herbs is a retail supplement and health-food store that operates on the belief that wholesome organic food is the foundation of health. In their desire to promote a healthy lifestyle for their customers, GHH became Fall Line Farms Brandermill pick up location.
The shop is owned and operated by Renee Wiest, a Master Herbalist and Certified Natural Health Professional. Located in Market Square in Brandermill, the store carries a full range of products that include herbals, vitamins & minerals, cleanse and detox products, weight loss products, homeopathics and more.
They also have bulk health foods including seeds, nuts, beans and grains. All of these items are organic, non-GMO and mostly gluten free. You can now order these items through Fall Line Farms to complement your local food orders!

Welcome to Fall Line Farms

Our Buying Pages open each week at 12 noon Friday and remain open until 12 midnight Monday evening. Once you Register and choose a pick up location you can begin shopping. Membership options are:
One Week trail membership $6
Monthly $12
Seasonal three month $25
Semi Annual $45
Annual $75

RETURNING CUSTOMERS, if you are an active customer, an expired member or have a pending account with us then you are already in our system. Simply go to Log In and at the bottom of the screen choose "Request Password Reset". You will need to set up a new password to access the new site. Once you Log in, you will find that your membership is active and any outlying credits are posted to your account. Please update your contact information with us and choose a convenient pick up location and you can begin shopping at 12 noon Friday.

If you have any problems accessing your account please contact us:
email at or call 804-334-2439,
Thank you.

Shopping Options

We have a new shopping option on our site!
For those of you who prefer to scroll through our products as a list without photos (similar to the old Buying Pages), you may now select the green "Show List" button on our Shop page.
Either way you choose to view the Buying Pages, you can always use the drop down search features on the right hand side to shorten your list. If you select "View Details" you can view the pictures and more info.

Expanded Shopping Hours

Fall Line farms has new expanded shopping hours. The Buying Pages are now open each week from:
Friday at 12 noon until Monday 12 midnight

Spring Pairings

If Mother Nature abides, we will soon be seeing the triumphant return of asparagus and strawberries to our online farmers market. In preparation for this very welcome sign of Spring, we asked Amanda Faller of J. Emerson Fine Wine and Cheese and Shauna Wells of The Olive Oil Taproom for pairing advice. These fabulous foodies are passionate about fresh locally-raised food and finding the wines (Amanda) and olive oil/balsamic combos (Shauna) that best complement it.

Wine: Sauvignon Blanc is great for asparagus because it doesn’t clash with the overly vegetal flavor. The chemical compounds in asparagus can make a lot of wine (reds especially) taste metallic. Other good pairing would be unoaked Chardonnay, Alsatian Riesling, or Grüner Vetliner from Germany. If you insist upon a red with asparagus, it should be light bodied, with little to no oak, a Barbera d’ Asti or a Burgundy. – Amanda

Olive Oil & Vinegar: Roasted Asparagus with our Blood Orange Olive Oil and then drizzle with our Serrano Chili Pepper Infused Honey Vinegar or the Pomegranate Dark Aged Balsamic Vinegar is just divine!!!!! -Shauna

Forrest Green Farm

Forrest Green Farm is a family run farm committed to supplying you with the best naturally and ecologically grown products. We specialize in growing culinary and medicinal herbs.
Each spring we start the season by growing herb plants and flowers from our greenhouses for sale at our farm and available here at Fall Line.
We also have many beautifully themed herbal gardens and herbal production areas on our farm. Growing, tending, harvesting, and preserving herbs are our passion. In 2010, this passion along with many customers' requests inspired us to create a dried herbal dip mix, seasoning, and tea line. These herbal products formulated by Krista and Rob are our family's favorite recipes that are now available to the public. All herbal packets are in re-closeable zipper bags. Our herbs are extremely fresh, tasteful, and colorful coming right from the farm.
Other products that we offer are seasonal vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured chicken eggs, pastured poultry (whole birds), and natural horse hay. Another specialty of Forrest Green Farm is our registered Polled Miniature Herefords cattle.
The farm is open to the public Thursday thru Sunday 9-5. Come out sometime to see how your food is grown and enjoy the beauty of the farm.
Rob and Krista Rahm

Blanchard's Coffee

Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co., founded in 2005 by David Blanchard, is a certified organic craft coffee roaster with a mission to roast the best, sustainable coffee possible. Located in the Old Manchester district of Richmond, Virginia, Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co. is committed to community, both locally and globally by directly sourcing coffees when possible. Farm direct and fair trade coffees earn more money for farmers which improves their quality of life and, in turn, improves quality of coffee through reinvestment into growing practices. Better coffee for us, better quality of life for farmers; everybody wins.

Manakintowne Specialty Growers

Specialty farmers Jo and Rob Pendergraph, pioneers of the local food movement, have worked closely with the best chefs of Central Virginia since 1985.
Manakintowne, on 21 acres in Powhatan County, raises some of the finest specialty produce to be found anywhere, using the methods of organic gardening in three greenhouses and in the field. As a chef driven farm, we love food, and we always have something interesting growing for the adventurous culinarian. Fall Line Farms and Local Roots offer the best and most extensive variety of our produce and Farm Kitchen products available to the home cook, week by week.
For more on Manakintowne, visit our website: