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Why Fall Line Farms?

Fall Line Farms opened in the fall of 2008 with one goal in mind, to help small farms through the challenging season ahead. Since then, the company has grown and developed but never wavered from this basic focus. Our innovative online buying program allows our small farmers to sell their products as they come available at a competitive fair price that is set by them. There is no minimum supply required for them to sell, allowing very small start up farms to grow and expand into a larger marketplace. We like to think of ourselves as an incubator for small sustainable farms to test products and growing practices to deliver the very best from their land to our customer base.
For the customer, you too will enjoy the flexibility of shopping from home when you want to for what you need. There are no minimum orders and you can order as often as you like. Our farmers share with you details about their products and their practices so you can make the best decisions for your family's health and nutrition needs. Completely transparent, you will know exactly where your food is coming from and are encouraged to contact your favorite farmers directly with questions.
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Food for Thought...

“…the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.”
(The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry)

About Fall Line Farms

Fall Line Farms, Richmond’s online farmers market, connects our community with fresh, healthy food straight from our local farmers. With one order, one payment and one pick up, you can order food directly from over 50 different family owned and operated farms and small businesses right here in our area.
At Fall Line Farms you shop by the item from our participating farms selecting only the items you would like to order. There is no minimum order and you are not required to order each week.

Shopping Options

We have a new shopping option on our site!
For those of you who prefer to scroll through our products as a list without photos (similar to the old Buying Pages), you may now select the green "Show List" button on our Shop page.
Either way you choose to view the Buying Pages, you can always use the drop down search features on the right hand side to shorten your list. If you select "View Details" you can view the pictures and more info.

Expanded Shopping Hours

Fall Line farms has new expanded shopping hours. The Buying Pages are now open each week from:
Friday at 12 noon until Monday 12 midnight

Summer Squash

Surely you've heard of zucchini, crookneck and pattypan - all common types of summer squash. But have you heard of zephyr, cousa, tatuma, desi or globe? The varieties of summer squash are as numerous as the shapes, sizes and colors they come in. While some of the stars of summer, like tomatoes, watermelon and peaches are basking in the limelight, these summer workhorses are humbly making their appearance.
Related to cucumbers and melons, summer squash is harvested young when their rinds are soft and flesh tender resulting in a shorter storage life as opposed to their more mature and shelf stable counterparts, winter squash. A short storage life combined with their ability to produce in abundance (and perhaps a little overzealous planting) no doubt lead to the creation of National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day, celebrated on August 8! But, don't let all the squash abundance go to waste! Their mild flavor makes them versatile in the kitchen and they have wonderful nutrition qualities to boot.
Nutrition: Summer squash is an excellent source of Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that can decrease the DNA-damaging effects of free radicals. Free radical damage contributes to the aging process and the development of chronic diseases, like heart disease. Squash is also a great source of fiber, having both soluble and insoluble fiber. These fiber types help to promote bowel regularity, stabilize blood sugar, contribute to satiety, and maintain healthful cholesterol levels.
By Becky Garten, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Welcome new producer - Dragonfly Farms

Dragonfly Farm has been around since 1989, hidden in the National Forests of the heart of Virginia. Doug and Judy Reid bought the small farm property and have been caring for the land there ever since. Though not certified organic, everything grown at Dragonfly is 100% natural. No pesticides or herbicides are ever used, and everything is done with hand tools. Dragonfly Farm grows a little bit of everything, from greens to berries, but this time of year the tomatoes, onions, garlic, and basil are shining. Try some of the juicy blackberries before they are done for the season!
This past February, two young permaculture farmers named Suzanne and Alexander were driving on the back roads to Charlottesville when they passed Dragonfly and decided to introduce themselves. Everybody clicked and with their help, Doug and Judy have been able to grow much more produce and work more efficiently without compromising the sustainable practices.
Dragonfly Farm is a beautiful, quiet farm in Cumberland County. It's easy to feel at peace with nature, surrounded by the diverse crop beds and pollinator flower beds, with the forest in the background. The beds are heavily mulched to help the soil be fertile and to protect it from the sun.
Our selection of produce is always changing and growing through the seasons and we look forward to getting to know the Fall Line Farms community!

Summer Tomatoes

Summertime is upon us. This means enjoying the longer sun-filled days, pleasant beach or mountain vacations, and quality time spent with family and friends. However, there is another cause for celebration – the start of tomato harvest! Yes, that time where those glorious globes of red, yellow, orange, green, and even purple are taking center stage in many of our dishes. Few foods can rival the taste of a fresh, in-season, and local tomato.
So when you set out to relish in the summer tomato bounty pair them with a source of healthy fat, like a drizzle of olive oil, to improve absorption of all those wonderful nutrients. Enjoy them both raw and cooked (as in a sauce), because while excessive heat decreases the vitamin C content cooking actually improves the available lycopene! Tomato skins are a valuable source of carotenoids so don’t forget to include those skins!
Guest writer, Becky Garten, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Summer Harvest Membership Drive, Please help spread the word

Summer is officially here and so are the many varieties of amazing fresh vegetables just waiting to fill your tables with incredible flavor and healthy nutrients.
Celebrate the season with all the fabulous colors and textures of the season and spread the word about our Summer Membership Drive with a 3 months FREE membership offer. Tell neighbors, friends and family members to enter Summer2016 promotion code when signing up!

Welcome new producer Wild Earth Farms

Wild Earth Farms makes delicious, probiotic ferments in the Richmond area. We grow what produce we can ourselves using organic principles and the rest is sourced from local and/or certified-organic producers.

Roots and root tops

The number of varieties of root vegetables we have in stock now is abundant. From carrots and radishes, beets and kohlrabi to onions and scallions we have so many to choose from.
And don't forget the fabulous green tops, perfect for chopping into your salads or stir frying with other hearty greens.

Local Breakfast is the way to start the day

Start your day with a cup of rich Black Hand coffee accompanied with Old Church Creamery yogurt or kefir with fresh berries and granola or go hearty with sausage, eggs and homemade baked bread with fruit jam.

Fall Line Farms has all the best ingredients for a healthy start to your day. Enjoy!

Spring is a fabulous time for fresh greens!

If you love greens then there is no better time to celebrate as they are crisp and tender and full of flavor this spring and we have so many varieties! Chopped salads with tender lettuces combined with crisp cabbage and hearty greens and arugula make for an amazing foundation to a healthy meal. Adding sweet strawberries or tender carrots and radishes and spring onions brings on a bowl of fresh flavor. It’s so easy to be healthy.

Farm & Herb Festival at Forrest Green Farm

Spend part of your Memorial Day at Forrest Green Farm for their annual Farm & Herb Festival
May 30, 10 AM - 5 PM
Forrest Green Farm 2317 Evergreen Rd, Louisa, Virginia 23093

Free Admission and Free Workshops
10% Off All Plants / Farm Tours, Events & Classes
Local Vendors & Demos / Children's Activities
Lunch Offering by Local Chefs, MattDon Catering

Welcome new producer - Growing Pastures

Growing Pastures is a small farm nestled nestled in the heart of Virginia about an hour west of Richmond. Our goal is to produce high quality food that is healing to the land, nourishing to the body, and enhances the way of life of everyone involved.
The farm was started by Graham Donahue in 2016. He started his farming journey when he was a young boy. He always had a love for animals, and when his family moved back to rural Virginia when he was 7 years old, he fell in love with the farming lifestyle, and made up his mind to become a farmer when he grew up. Many people cautioned him against it, warning him of the many challenges that farmers face, but nothing could change his mind. Farming was more to him then just a job, it was part of who he was.
His dream of being a farmer soon came true when his family moved onto a five acre parcel of his great-grandmother's large farm. He got two sheep for his twelfth birthday, and later that year bought a few more. He soon added egg laying chickens, and then some broiler (meat) chickens. By the summer of 2014, he had 20 sheep, several laying hens, and raised and sold 500 broilers each year.
After graduating home school high school in 2014, he decided that he wanted to get more experience on a larger farming operation, in order to gain the many skills necessary to running a successful farm. Over the summer he sold his livestock and spent the next year doing internships on farms in Virginia and Pennsylvania. At the end of 2015 he returned and prepared to get started with his new venture, and that is when Growing Pastures Farm was born!